Beautiful Autumn Day in Key West..Milwaukee

One of the things I enjoy most about Milwaukee is its proximity to Lake Michigan.  You see, I love to sail and Milwaukee has the best access to the lake and to sailing opportunities of any of the places I have lived.  Living in Milwaukee, you eagerly await the first really warm day in the spring, hoping it at least falls in May sometime, instead of June or July, and you learn to savor every warm day after that until it starts to snow.  And you hope that doesn’t happen until..October or November.  Regardless of what mother nature actually decides bestow, as a sailor in Milwaukee, you really mark the seasons by when the boats go in the water and when they have to come out.  In my world, that is the beginning of May and the end of October.

May can be pretty cold, at least out on the Lake, but you don’t care because you are just happy to be back out on the lake.  At the end of the season,  there are usually a few days in October that are really beautifu and I have learned to grab on to them and squeeze, knowing that it will be a long time until May.  Sunday was one of those days.  I started the day with Joe and Caroline and brunch on their patio.   Joe made a fantastic Chorizo and egg scramble and Caroline and I lounged among the falling leaves, listening to music, reading the Sunday Times and sipping Bloody Mary’s.  The day was sunny and warm and we watched the neighborhood come alive with people walking by, some stopping to say hello, and eager to enjoy the day. Read the rest of this entry »


Remembering Upi, Maggie May and Elsie

My friend Severine woke up this morning to find her dog Upi had died sometime during the night. I hope she died peacefully in her sleep. I am affectionately known as Auntie Audrey to Severine and her kids, and to Upi (named after Upi Bay near China where Severine rescued Upi from a pet shop). Upi was a very pretty Golden Retriever with a beautiful disposition. She was 12 yrs old and was one of the nicest dogs I have ever been around (except for Maggie May, of course). I have taken care of her for the last 2-3 years when Severine and her husband Oscar traveled for work and play.  We all thought we would have a couple more years to enjoy her company, but sadly it was not to be.

I sent these pictures with appropriate captions to Severine while she traveling recently- last Christmas, when she and Oscar took their respective kids (all four) to Europe to go skiing; and this summer when Severine took her two to the south of France to visit her parents.

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